About us


Our company philosophy drives us to design compact systems, portable and constantly look for the improvement of the features of our products. From the beginning we decided to build a practical and effective system to offer maximum advantage to our customers.
The way to be able to create a unique design is that each technical decision had to be made taking into consideration the impact that it could have on the final design. Each piece is unique and all together these form a system that draws attention, both internally and externally.



We have a clear responsibility to protect the host environment and we believe in caring for the environment. This precept we want to focus the evolution of our products and at the same time as our company. We are a technology company with a ecological mind and we believe in the intelligence of nature. It is for this reason that our products are more environmentally friendly and its use doesn’t favour to the climate change.



The most exigent sports is the world of competition. It is there where the best sportsmen and sportswomen know that they must have the best systems.

RooDol® have always focused its design to be able to manufacture the best product for the best sport people and always thinking in the most demanding challenges and joining technology, quality and innovation as the base for the design of advanced and affordable equipment, the consequence of our passion for sport.



Nowadays we have technology to share with over the world such as data and impressions that it enriches and helps us to love and to be better. For that reason our systems seek the connectivity with the network to get the improvements that it offers.
We know that the competition helps to improve as it gives us a extra motivation that otherwise it would not be possible.