eRooDol® designed to measure speed and cadence when cycling. The measurement is done directly on the surface of the wheel, without the need of installing any device on the bike.


eRooDol® is fully compatible with the existing RooDol® Compact and RooDol® Track roller platforms. Only is necessary to replace one of the existing rollers in order to have a full speed and cadence sensor.

No batteries or electrical net connection needed. The sensor is powered on just when the roller rolls.

In the manufacturing of eRooDol® high quality materials areused, such as its aluminum shafts and ball bearings.

The sensor uses Bluetooth low energy technology and uses the Bluetooth standard speed and cadence service. The communication is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

You can use your eRooDol® with the official RooDol® Apps or your preferred application using Bluetooth low energy technology. Download the RooDol’s Apps from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Includes CSI v1.0 interface (Cycling Strokes Interface). This interface is designed to allow control of apps by pedaling variations, making the cyclist should not drop hands to act on apps that incorporate such interface.

The information that eRooDol provides, will allow you to improve the efficiency of your training. RooDol® is the ideal system for your RooDol® warming-up and training system.

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