RED RooDol COMPACT Pack – Alum.

RED RooDol COMPACT Pack – Alum.


RED RooDol® COMPACT Pack – Aluminium is the lightest and most portable three cylinder training system on the market. COMPACT Aluminum rollers take out the heat in a better way giving a tires last longer.

Aluminium COMPACT rollers are designed to generate a greater resistance than TRACK rollers and it provides the cyclist with the optimal effort to perform a correct training. This resistance is generated by the diameter of its rollers and that allows us, with a little practice, to be able to get off the bike in the same way as we do on the road.


Pack comprises of:

  • 3 RooDol® COMPACT rollers – Aluminium
  • 1 RooDol® COMPACT traction belt
  • 1 RooDol® COMPACT bag
  • 1 RooDol® RED structure

Folded dimensions and weight of:

  • 95cm x 20cm x 12cm
  • 5,0Kg

Compatible for all types of bicycles, such as road and mountain bikes, with a wheelbase:

  • From 95cm to 112cm

Other specifications:

  • RooDol systems are the lightest training systems on the market, all rollers are assembled with aluminum shafts and, in addition, in order to guarantee an smoothly training on the rollers, all of them are subjected to a process of machining, so that, we make sure of the elimination of any imbalance that may exist during the manufacturing process.

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