RooDol Structures

RooDol Structures


  • Basic
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Large

RooDol® structure is characterized by being portable, easy and quick to assemble. With the latest generation polymers used in their manufacture we got to make a system 100% portable and its unique design allows you to keep it in anywhere as well as RooDol is designed with the QuickAdapt system to make the setting for all the standard bikes in a quick way.

Suitable for bicycles of a distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels:

  • Basic, Blue, Yellow and Red from 95cm to 112cm
  • Large from 104cm to 122cm

By minimizing the profile of our system we have been able to give to the users a sense of security due to its low height and at the same time it helps to improve the stability of the whole system when user is rolling.

The support system of RooDol® structure is made with rubber studs, it helps to absorb the vibrations that it is generated with pedaling as well as it allows to be deployed in almost any kind of surface.

Our system has been patented and this design allows to the riders deploy RooDol in less than 60 seconds to start their workout. The structure is designed for all standard bikes and its 5 forward positions allows to change the front roller for each bike in a easy and quick way.

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