What is the RooDol™ system suitable for my training?

RooDol_Redes-Sociales_34-Compact vs Track

If each cyclist has a bicycle adapted to the modality he practices, if each modality requires some techniques and specificities, why are we going to settle for a generic roller for training and warming up? RooDol™ thinks about every rider and his needs. That is why developed two kinds of rollers, RooDol ™ Compact and RooDol™ Track, to fit the requirements of each athlete.
Just as bicycles are designed depending on whether they are going to roll on a mountain, road, or track, RooDol ™ rollers will fit every mode. So … What roller should you use?

Let’s start with RooDol™ Compact. It is designed to train Mountain Bike and Road Bike. The roller is the thinner of the two. Its diameter is 63 mm and lighter. It is highly recommended if what you need is resistance. The COMPACT rollers are designed to generate more resistance, and thus provide the cyclist with an optimal effort to perform a correct training. The complete system only weighs 4.5 kg.

The RooDol™ Track is ideal if you need inertia, stability, balance and less resistance. How is it achieved? With a larger diameter in the roller, since it has a diameter of 90 mm. Although it is valid for all four modes – Fixie, Track, Mountain Bike and Road – it is especially optimized for track because the larger diameter of the TRACK rollers generates higher inertia and lower resistance, ideal for muscle toning before and after races. Jaume Mas, the former Spanish national coach of the track modality, uses it for warm-ups with his team at the Velodrome in Barcelona. The complete system weighs 6 kg.

Come on , pick the roller that best suits your training needs, RooDol™ makes it easy!

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