RooDol® training system has revolutionized the way of understanding the indoor cycling and it is an ideal system for keeping up an optimal physical state for being able to maximize our physical capacity. It is the best complement for the training of circular pedaling as well as allow to perform specific training such as series of sprint, high cadence or strength pedaling which are very complicated to perform on public roads with a lot of traffic or roads are not adapted to your training.

RooDol® with Patented System has revolutionized the concept of these types of systems. Everything came from the need of a cyclist to warm up before races ‘wherever you are’ and it allowed to make a training when it was necessary. Its light weight and its ability to fast assembly and disassembly is currently helping to professional cyclists and triathlon champions in their warm-ups and indoor workouts.

Our target is that riders can perform its exercises at the time and the site that they need it.


RooDol® training systems allow you to practice your favorite sport wherever you are with the best performance.

RooDol® has revolutionized training systems with its innovative design as it has got a system that allows for the users to carry it in a easy way, takes up very little space and quickly adapts to all types of bicycling.

RooDol Track App preview

RooDol TRACK App

Who said that training on rollers is boring?

RooDol® TRACK App allows you to make your training more interactive. You just need a LE Bluetooth technology sensor to be connected with your smartphone to RooDol® TRACK App. and it will display your effort in an easy and comfortable way.

Make your training system RooDol® COMPACT or RooDol® TRACK in your wireless interactive platform. RooDol® has developed a new Android application which is able to simulate your training on a cycling track. RooDol® Track App help you to make your training in a healthy way as users can set an average speed of the opponent and a warning for a maximum and minimum heart rate.

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The sensors can be connected to our application are those with the standard profiles:
✓ Heart Rate Service (HRS)
✓ Cycling Speed and Cadence (CSC)

Main screen displays all the information that users need for a correct training so every moment users know how the training is working. At the top of the screen there are icons to connect Bluetooth LE sensor.
In addition, we can access to the setting screen from the main menu.

Once in the setting screen, you can set the Heart Rate Alarm System, so at any time users know if they are exceeding their training limits. This setting can be set to the needs of each training.
Also, depending on the bike that users are going to use, the value of the diameter of the wheel must be set to perform the calculus correctly.

RooDol Track App preview
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