ZYCLE strengthens its reputation in the cycling industry by acquiring the RooDol roller brand




The RooDol trainer is your best option to excel in indoor cycling training and make the most of your warm-ups in cycling competitions. Our professional cycling trainer is designed to help you maintain optimal fitness and get 100% out of every session on your bike. Get the best results, beat your records, gain endurance and reach any goal you set for yourself on your bike. The RooDol professional roller brand is part of ZYCLE, the leading manufacturer of rollers and indoor bikes for the most realistic experiences. The RooDol roller trainer is the perfect complement for training on the road, but at home or at any other stationary location, as well as for working on sprint series, high cadence pedalling or pedalling with a high load when the road is not suitable for your needs.

RooDol’s patented system consists of a home bike training roller and a bike warm-up roller in one product that has transformed the professional cycling equipment market. Its light weight and its ability to be assembled and disassembled have meant that RooDol is now helping professional cyclists and triathlon champions in their warms-ups and indoor training.


RooDol training systems allow you to practice your favourite sport wherever you are and with the best performance. RooDol has revolutionised training systems with its innovative design, resulting in a product that can be easily transported, takes up very little space and adapts to all types of bicycles instantly.

The RooDol bicycle trainer is lightweight, can be assembled and disassembled in a moment and takes up very little space. In addition, its careful design provides a highly stable base to practice your favourite sport without risks or complications. You can find the RooDol roller in different colours and sizes, for any type of bicycle and cycling modality. All of them are made in Spain with high quality materials, including light and resistant aluminium for easy transport. With this roller roller you can comfortably carry out your training sessions and warm-ups anywhere, before any competition or race, and they adapt to practically any terrain!

In RooDol by ZYCLE you can also find accessories to complement your sessions, such as the mats or the heart rate monitor, which will improve your experience when using them, whether you use the roller to train at home or to warm up outdoors.