Bicycle rollers

Professional bike rollers for warm-up and training at home

RooDol by ZYCLE is a state-of-the-art roller specially designed for cycling enthusiasts. With this bicycle roller with rollers you will be able to warm up before any competition, race or route you have planned. In addition, they are easy to transport due to their light weight, not to mention that they can be assembled and disassembled in a moment. This type of bike trainer is a compact, agile and resistant product, manufactured with the highest quality materials. Likewise, it is a unique bicycle training roller that gives you the possibility to work on pedalling, but at home and work on high cadence, among others; it allows you to save time in your workouts and do them at any time, without having to worry about the weather.

Features of the RooDol Cycle Roller

The RooDol roller is available in a variety of colours, as you can see in the product catalogue on the ZYCLE website. In addition, you can find several models, namely the RooDol TRACK (specially designed for warm-ups), RooDol COMPACT (for regular indoor workouts) and the RooDol OFF ROAD roller (for mountain bike adventurers). All of them are balance rollers that adapt to any bike and have very outstanding features that make them stand out from the rest, such as their lightness and resistance:

  • The design and materials of RooDol by ZYCLE: Available in various colours and with top quality materials, such as aluminium, which is extremely light and very resistant.
  • Easy and quick to assemble: Training with a bike trainer is easy with RooDol because it is so easy to assemble. You won’t need more than 60 seconds to unfold and mount it. The RooDol system allows you to adjust the distance from the front roller to the bike. Simply place the rear wheel between the two support rollers and then select the position of the front roller to the position that suits you best.
  • The RooDol bench: The unique RooDol bench allows the use of different rollers for any type of training.
  • Suitable for any bike: You can use the RooDol roller roller on bikes with a wheelbase of 950mm to 1190mm. It works as a road bike roller and as a mountain bike roller.
  • The RooDol by ZYCLE Silent System: This bicycle roller is silent thanks to the materials it is made of and its low-pressure bearings. We recommend the use of a soft and completely smooth tyre to reduce friction.

Buy RooDol by ZYCLE bike roller

Looking for the most realistic road training simulation? The RooDol by ZYCLE bike training roller will allow you to experience this sensation in a top quality product. If you are interested in these bike rollers, buy and get the most out of your bike, we remind you that you can find them in the product catalogue of ZYCLE, the leader in the sale of indoor cycling sports equipment. On their website you can access this bike trainer, but also other models from the manufacturer such as the Smart ZDrive, Smart ZPro and Trainer ZRoller, and even their indoor cycling bike Smart ZBike 2.0. Buy your bike trainer online at ZYCLE!