Roller accessories

The best and most complete roller accessories

Do you want to enjoy a unique indoor cycling experience? RooDol by ZYCLE accessories are what you need to complement your workouts, whatever the type and with any type of bike. You can use a heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate and know the most important indicators in real time, but also purchase a mat that will help you isolate the floor from vibrations, reduce noise and protect it from possible scratches or sweat stains while you use your bike. The RooDol by ZYCLE bike trainer accessories are designed to offer you the most complete indoor cycling experience possible, comfortable and enjoyable, but also safe and efficient, so that you can make the most of each session and get the best results.

At RooDol there are accessories for everything, so that your session can be put to good use. Examples of these roller accessories are the roller through axle, the roller stand and the XDR core. All of them are available in the ZYCLE accessory catalogue, as well as the ZPower battery, the tablet holder, the ZYCLE transformer, the ANT+ USB and the aforementioned mat and heart rate monitor. Several of them are also designed for the Smart ZBike indoor cycling bike that you can see on the website. Improve your indoor cycling experience and equip yourself with the roller roller accessories that best suit your needs and goals!

Buy training roller accessories at ZYCLE

At ZYCLE we have a wide range of accessories that you can find in our online shop and buy at the best price. Roller accessories offer you all the features you need to enhance your cycling experience, from comfort to safety and improving the efficiency of your training. If you are looking for a unique cycling experience and understand cycling as a way of life, then these training roller accessories are sure to interest you. Remember that you can check them out and buy them safely and securely on the ZYCLE website. At RooDol by ZYCLE we offer you everything you need for professional cycling training and warm-ups before any competition, race or activity with your bike. Getting to where you want to go is no longer a problem!