About us

At RooDol we help you to get the most out of your bike.

The RooDol bike trainer was born out of the need for professional cyclists to be able to warm up before races and any competition. RooDol is a ZYCLE brand that has transformed the concept of the three-cylinder system so that you can train wherever you are, even if the terrain is uneven, and cycle whenever you want without having to leave your home. A great advantage that is complemented by the optimal surface it provides to the user by eliminating the irregularities of the asphalt from the formula. With the RooDol by ZYCLE roller it is possible to carry out any type of training, as well as making the most of the weather and allowing you to use your bike when the weather is bad. RooDol, rollers and quality are synonymous, something you can see from the first moment you try one of our rollers, whatever model it is, you won’t want to get off your bike! We offer you a wide range of products where each RooDol roller stands out for its attention to detail and professional finish.

RooDol is a brand of the leading professional cycling equipment manufacturer ZYCLE

RooDol is one of the most popular brands in the sector, created by two brothers from Barcelona who love cycling and developed a unique, compact and agile product that is also easy to transport and can be used anywhere. RooDol is now part of ZYCLE, the leading brand in the indoor cycling market, which stands out for its popular Smart ZBike 2.0 bike and its Smart ZDrive, Smart ZPro and RooDol’s equivalent, the Trainer ZRoller roller. ZYCLE has consolidated its presence in the roller sector by acquiring RooDol. You can read more about it in the THIS ARTICLE.