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  • How long does it take to set RooDol?
    At the time of a starting using RooDol you will need less than 60 seconds in order to take it off its bag and unfold it.
  • Can I take Roodol with me when I am cycling in a safety way?
    Sure, you can. RooDol has designed a bag that allows you to take RooDol with you carried in your back in an easy way while you are cycling on the road.  

Product Features

  • Which is the difference between RooDol TRACK and RooDol COMPACT?
    RooDol TRACK is specially designed for the traing before a race while RooDol COMPACT is for a regular indoor training.
  • Is it too noisy?
    RooDol is very silent thanks to the materials used at the time of manufacturing its rollers. At RooDol we strongly recommend you to use a soft tyre and remember that in terms of noise when choosing your tyres the less pattern the best in order to minimize the friction of the wheels with the rollers.
  • How heavy is it any of RooDol training system?
    RooDol COMPACT is 5kg & RooDol TRACK 6kg.
  • Can I train on RooDol with my own bike?
    In order to train with RooDol it is necessary for you to have a bike with a distance between the axes from 950mm up to 1190mm.
  • Can I use the same bench for different sort of RooDol rollers?
    Yes, you can. RooDol has a unique bench you can use with different rollers in order to adapt your trainings and warming-ups.
  • How do I do in order to adjust the distance for the front roller?
    In order to position correctly your bike on your RooDol bench you just need to put the back wheel in between the two back rollers and then select the position for the front roller. You will select which position produces a square angle for your bike.
  • Does my bike suffer above this type of training systems?
    The roller training systems do not harm the bike in any sense. This is due to the lack of any sort of holding that could damage the bike structure while doing your training, with RooDol you will be using your bike just the way it was designed for.
  • Is it difficult to train with RooDol?
    Training with RooDol will just take you less than 5 minutes in order to start cycling in a free way. We always recommend to start using your RooDol bench placed close to a wall in order to help you jump on.
  • Can I get different resistances with the rollers?
    Yes, you can. You can obtain a bigger resistance with your rollers just by lowering the pressure in your wheels. Trying many different settings with your bike will allow you to configure your RooDol according to your needs every time.

Safety Questions

  • How do I jump off of RooDol once I have finished my training?
    In order to jump off your RooDol bench, you have to proceed just like jumping off your bike once you stopped cycling. RooDol is a system with its rollers very close to the floor, so there is no danger when stopping cycling for you to reach the floor with your feet.
  • So, I will not fall off as it has not any holding system?
    RooDol is designed in order for you not to need anything else but your bike in order to feel a sensation as realistic as cycling on the road. Use RooDol is as easy as just cycling with your own bike.
  • Which is the maximum speed I can reach with RooDol?
    RooDol recommends not to exceed the speed of 50km/h.
  • Can I fall off my RooDol?
    RooDol is a three roller training system without any sort of fix holder for the bike in order to produce a sensation as realistic as cycling on the road. For that reason, you have the implicit possibilities of falling off when cycling a bike. Though, when cycling of your RooDol the possibilities of falling off are a little less than cycling on the road just because you won't have to deal with any variation on the ground. Despite this all, we strongly recommend you to keep you focused on your cycling when using RooDol bearing in mind that this training system does not include any holder to your bike.
  • Can I train with RooDol in my room?
    Sure, you can. We, at RooDol, always recommend to use RooDol in a place with air circulation and with enough room in order to jump on and off your bike comfortably. When starting using RooDol we recommend you to do it close to a wall in order to help you jump on the bike.
  • Can I place my RooDol bench in a slope?
    RooDol is desinged in order to be used in a leveled surface.
  • Does the bench slide easily?
    Each RooDol bench has eight rubber pieces that make an excellent fixing on any surface.
  • In the event of getting off RooDol while cycling, could I be detached of my bike?
    No, you couldn't. When training on a roller system you never could be detached from the bike, as happens when cycling on the road, because you don't accumulate inertia. In the event of getting off the bench with your bike, the wheel would be fixed in the floor and the cycling would just stop.
  • Can the roller strap get out the system?
    The strap works through a groove in the rollers and it is impossible for it to get out when you are using any of the RooDol systems.
  • Once on my RooDol, could the bench fold itself?
    Once you are on RooDol bench with the rollers in the correct position with the bike above it is impossible for the bench to fold itself due to the distribution of the pressure.