Found us on ZYCLE

You can now buy RooDol rollers on the website of ZYCLE, the brand specialising in professional cycling sports equipment. ZYCLE has recently obtained RooDol, which allows you to buy RooDol by ZYCLE from now on on its website with all the comforts and advantages of both brands.

Thinking of buying a bike trainer? The RooDol roller is one of the most popular and recognised options on the market. With it you will enjoy your passion for cycling to the fullest and get the best out of it. They are perfectly designed so that you can do your indoor cycling workouts at home, without worrying about the weather or wasting time getting to your new route or starting point, but also outdoors, as the RooDol rollers are specially designed so that you can warm up just before your route or race.

In addition, of course, to providing you with a quality warm-up before any professional cycling competition, whatever the terrain. They are easy to carry, lightweight and very durable.