Product Features

  • Which is the difference between RooDol TRACK and RooDol COMPACT?

    RooDol TRACK is specially designed for the traing before a race while RooDol COMPACT is for a regular indoor...

  • Is it too noisy?

    RooDol is very silent thanks to the materials used at the time of manufacturing its rollers. At RooDol we...

  • How heavy is it any of RooDol training system?

    RooDol COMPACT is 5kg & RooDol TRACK 6kg.

  • Can I train on RooDol with my own bike?

    In order to train with RooDol it is necessary for you to have a bike with a distance between...

  • Can I use the same bench for different sort of RooDol rollers?

    Yes, you can. RooDol has a unique bench you can use with different rollers in order to adapt your...

  • How do I do in order to adjust the distance for the front roller?

    In order to position correctly your bike on your RooDol bench you just need to put the back wheel...

  • Does my bike suffer above this type of training systems?

    The roller training systems do not harm the bike in any sense. This is due to the lack of...

  • Is it difficult to train with RooDol?

    Training with RooDol will just take you less than 5 minutes in order to start cycling in a free...

  • Can I get different resistances with the rollers?

    Yes, you can. You can obtain a bigger resistance with your rollers just by lowering the pressure in your...