Rocío del Alba an absolute champion


These days the news are about the exception podium of the XCO Mountain Bike Championship, held in Cofrentes, Valencia.The riders in the first line Carlos Coloma, David Valero and Pablo Rodríguez get their goals and just over 1 hour and 40 minutes later they went up to the podium. David Valero from MMR in first position, teammate Pablo Rodríguez in second, and Olympic medalist
Carlos Coloma, from PrimaFlor, in third.

But we would like to mention as well the female biker Rocio del Alba Garcáa, who, with only 19 years, stood out above all opponents in a brilliant way. She ran in the category of Sub 23, but his good rhythm and power led him to come first, not only in his category, but also in the elite, declaring himself absolute champion.

Del Alba has a promising future ahead. After an irregular season and doubting to continue with this sport, he contacted Carlos Coloma, who now guides his steps, searching other challenges. We are glad that she has not hanged his bicycle in order to continue enjoying all the triumphs ahead!.