XV Ciutat de Barcelona International Trophy


The Ciutat de Barcelona International Trophy – Miquel Poblet Memorial – celebrated on 16 September at Horta Velodrome, was once again a cycling spectacle on track. The fact that 25 years of the Olympic Games of Barcelona ’92 were celebrated, created in the atmosphere a special sensation.

Up to 75 participants from around the world raced in different tests in the first installation of the Olympic Games. The best ‘pistards’ in the country were also: the scratch world champion Sebastián Mora and the Olympic Helena Casas, Tania Calvo and Juan Peralta.

In a festive atmosphere and accompanied by the sun – the rain the previous day did delay a few hours the start of the day was divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. The audience can enjoy the specialties of punctuation, elimination, scratch, speed and keirin.

One of RooDol’s friends, Olympic sprinter Helena Casas was 2nd at Sprint and 1st at Keirin at the Ciutat de Barcelona International Trophy held the weekend at Horta Velodrome.