Autumn is here. Turn On your RooDol™


Autumn is here, so less light hour means shorter and colder days. When we arrive home, after work, the natural light has disappeared so it is difficult to go out to train. Then it’s time to ride your RooDol™, the three-cylinder training system that fits every rider.

With its easy assembly, we will install it in a few minutes at home. In addition, its design allows you to quickly disassemble it and transport it in the adapted bag with each piece of the system ready to be arranged again anywhere.
It is not necessary to have a specific training area or a large garage. The dining room, bedroom, living room or corridor is perfect to have your RooDol™ area, with complements like RooDol™ Mat creating an ideal training space.

Main advantage is that any bicycle suits this training and warm up system and there are also another benefits, For example, RooDol™ allows you to train at any time anywhere. This avoids inconveniences like train out in dark, when many roads are no longer illuminated and the danger of accident increases.

It is autumn. It is time to ride your bike safely, It is time to get on your RooDol™!