It’s Summertime! Protect yourself from the sun


Cycling is an Outdoor sport that make you spend long time exposed to the sun rays. It is true that we should protect the skin during all the year but it is in the summer time when UVA rays hits more and can cause serious damage to the skin, even the cloudy days. It is common to see the usual riders with solar marks. The sportswear is marked in the body riders by the sun.

Get ready for cycling : Apply sunscreen before going out, and choose a sunscreen with a factor of 30 FPS or higher. Today there are products that are very easy to apply, for example spray, which are light and oil free to avoid the inconveniences of sliding hands on the handlebars, for example. The legs, arms and face are the most obvious parts when applying the cream, but we cannot forget the neck , the neck so well as the ears.

It is important to protect your eyes too from the sun rays. We can never forget proper sunglasses suitable for our eyes. It is very important that you filter 100% of the ultraviolet rays and that they have a good luminosity not to force the view. Damage to the retina due to these rays can cause long-term problems as serious as retinal detachment or cataracts. Also very important a good subjection and resistant lenses, to protect the view of the air or of projectiles like insects or small branches.

In addition, there are other small factors to take into account to protect ourselves : try not to go out cycling at the most critical hours between 12 noon and 5 pm. Apply sunscreen all over the body even the sportswear cover us if we are going to be exposed for a long time and reapply the product frequently. And finally, after arriving home and get a shower then apply aftersun. In addition to refreshing, moisturize the skin and repair it after hours in the sun.

There are no excuses, practice your sport in the safest way.