What is the power you need to train?


RooDol™ has developed two types of rollers, RooDol™ Compact and RooDol™ Track, to fit the requirements of each rider. Each athlete has their training needs to be prepared. It is not the same to roll in mountain than in road, or in track, for that reason the RooDol™ training system can be adapted to each modality.

As shown in the graph, to achieve the same speed, with the Compact roller should be applied more power and energy than with the Track roller. This is because RooDol™ Compact is designed to offer greater resistance. This peculiarity make it suitable for mountain bike and road training. This roller is thinner, its diameter is 63 mm and lighter. The COMPACT rollers are designed to generate greater resistance and give the rider the optimal effort to perform a correct training.

The RooDol™ Track is ideal if you need inertia, stability, balance and lower resistance. How to achieve? With a larger diameter in the roller, because it has a diameter of 90 mm. It is valid for the four modes – Fixie, Track, Mountain Bike and Road – and is especially optimum for track because the larger diameter of the TRACK rollers generates superior inertia and less resistance, ideal for muscle toning before and after races.
Track, Compact, Track, Compact …? Choose your RooDol™ and apply the power in the best way !.