Bet on uniqueness


We like to listen to our riders. We like to share their ideas and enjoy the pictures their share with us. Our Riders had a great idea: Customize the rollers and thus show their individuality and uniqueness.

From the earliest times the human being has had the need to identify something as his own, in the sense of ownership, but also to differentiate himself from the rest. From the cavemen, who already painted their caves, the tattoos of the first Egyptians or, even today. The claims of graffiti artists through street art. It is a common practice to customize our objects to suit our needs and style. And it is because personalizing we show what we are and what we want to project to others.

RooDol™ shares that same philosophy of uniqueness, exclusivity. At present, benches can be purchased in different colors: black, blue or yellow. And we are currently preparing more options, so that each rider can choose the RooDol with which he is most identified. In addition, because the rollers are white allows a large and wide possibility of customization. There are already many friends of RooDol™, who send us their customizations. Most, stickers remembering the most memorable competitions or in places where they have been and they want to remember.