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    Bet on uniqueness

    We like to listen to our riders. We like to share their ideas and enjoy the pictures their share...

  • ¿Cuál es el sistema RooDol™ idóneo para mi entrenamiento?

    Si cada ciclista tiene una bicicleta adaptada a la modalidad que practica. Si cada modalidad requiere de unas técnicas...

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    RooDol Mat : Entrena como un profesional

    RooDol® no deja de pensar en sus clientes. Equiparles con lo mejor es su filosofía, por eso en este...

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    Yellow, the colour of winners

    RooDol wants to do of his maxim One Rider, One RooDol™ his flag, for this motive, from July 25,...

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    RooDol® Design

    Our company philosophy considers that the most important in our products is to offer the best performance. For us,...

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    This year Red Hook Crit. comes back to Barcelona, the most prestigious international fixie race in the world. It...

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    QuickAdapt® System

    Our QuickAdapt® patented system allows to our structure to adapt in any bike with the easiest and most comfortable...

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    Be different

    The design of our structure was the result of not be satisfied with other systems on the market and...

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    RooDol® Barcelona

    Our company grew out of the concerns of two brothers who had always enjoyed the sport. An illusion they...