Yellow, the colour of winners


RooDol wants to do of his maxim One Rider, One RooDol his flag, for this motive, from July 25, puts at the disposal of his clients a new color, a new pack, where the yellow one is the protagonist.

Now, excited of the pedals, they will be able to choose between the traditional black, the showy blue RooDol or the yellow one of the winners. The scale spreads so that the clients could choose his best option, and every rider has its own RooDol.

roodol yellow pack

The new work surface of yellow color will transport to us to the jersey jaune, to the yellow jersey, the pledge that there shows the cyclist who leads the Tour of France, the test of the excellent cycling.

Leadership, winner, effort. The yellow one allows that to be identified the cyclist in the stages that it it carries like winner. This way we want that our clients identify with the new pack Yellow, like winners on the systems RooDol.

Pack Yellow has the same price as the option Blue, 229 euros and it will be available from July 25 in the online shop.

Do you dare to feel yourself like a winner?

roodol yellow pack