RooDol and Jaume Mas, love at first sight


The first meeting between Jaume Mas, one of the founders of the club Pista BCN, and RooDol was, what is called, a bowshot. It happened in the Cycle Pista Barcelona, head office of the club, and since then the rollers RooDol and Pista BCN have become inseparable. Pista BCN is one of the clubs of cycling in track more representative of the Catalan capital. His founders Jaume Mas and Vicenç Catalá affirms it. This project is started in 2013 and tries to have a proper personality removed from the clubs of traditional court, associate wants to give answer to a new sports reality.

But to understand everything, we are going to go back a few years behind.
Between 2010 and 2012, Jaume was traveling very much and was marveling on having seen the reception that had the track cycling in other countries: “We were traveling in Australia with the Spanish Cycling selection in Track and had one hour to train in the cycle track. At 12 a.m. exactly we had to go out because at this hour it was bringing in a group of pregnant women to do his exercises. There I realized how other countries were evolving”, tells Jaume.


Pista BCN

During a trip to Italy in the summer 2012, Jaume shared with Vicenç Catalá his project to create a track club, to offer services to the cyclists and to inculcate this discipline how there was done in other countries, something that nobody had done till now in our country.

To the return of the trip they started working to mount the club. And this way Pista BCN was born. “It is a very necessary piece and it does of union between the cycling of high competition and the urban cycling”, says the expert.

Jaume admits to learn much of the people that it comes from the urban cycling and that he isn’t considered to be a habitual cyclist. “We teach the people to roll in track, to use roller. Sometimes they ask me themselves how we can lose the time with them, but I tell to them that the work that I do I like, because I teach my passion and in return they are grateful to me for it on having finished every training. It is a very gratifying sensation for me”.

Pista BCN

Today Pista BCN is a reality, the club has been growing and becoming stronger with the step of the days.

For every cyclist, already be urban or of competition, it is an essential training, adaptation, recovery and supercompensation is the poker of experts of the sport. To repair the textiles damaged quickly after the exercise, to restore the energy reservations and to recover as soon as possible to be ready for the following training is essential so that a sportsman progresses and manages to overcome his limits. To avoid injuries, Jaume had always used rollers tricilíndricos of Japan or Australia that they were going in a meter box for meter, difficult to mount and very costly, until, looking for other rollers for Internet, it came across with some made of Barcelona. This attracted attention of him: “I called RooDol and we coordinate an interview. We met in the cycle track and when I proved it, the sensations were phenomenal”, makes sure Jaume.

Since then, Jaume uses RooDol and sees a very strong potential in this product and in his team, for the benefits that it can bring to the prominent sportsmen and to the urban cyclists, and for the innovations that must come. “I recommend RooDol for his benefits in system of warming and discharge after the careers”. Now, they are inseparable.