Customize your RooDol, create your own identity


We live in the world of globalization and universalization so the distinction of the rest is an added value. Humans like to live together as a group, but as individuals, they need to create their own identity. It is important for everyone to develop their personality by creating their own style through personalization: Everyone has their preferences in colors and shapes.

We look for the personalization of our belongings to reflect our tendencies and who we are. The customization offers us exclusivity and that is what RooDol™ offers you. The RooDol™ training system allows you to choose from different colors, to suit your personality, to live through colors. At the moment, RooDol™ offers these three colors, black, blue and yellow, but we are working on expanding our range of colors.

If you like sober colors that inspire strength and elegance, your RooDol™ is the black one. If you like the colors of the sea, the sky that inspires freedom and calm, your RooDol™ is the blue one. If you prefer energy, warmth, stimulation choose your yellow RooDol™. It is the perfect complement to the personalization already made by our riders: Rolls full of stickers of all races where they compete. Even the bags where the RooDol™ are transported has become an object of customization.

You are also unique, so do as RooDol™ and differentiate yourself from the rest.