Rad Race bets for RooDol for the Warm up areas


On June 11, RooDol depolyed its rollers in Germany. Specifically in Cologne, where was disputed the Rad Race Crit Köln.

This event was the starting point of the Rade Race Series 2016, which will, among other cities by Hamburg and Frankfurt.

In addition, the colony, was part of the official program of the centenary of the Rund um Köln, a competition that offers bicycle races of fixed pinion and road and that this year is wrapped in a special magnetism by celebrate 100 years.

The banks of the river Rhine were filled with cyclists. Colony was an explosion. The inscriptions were closed days before because the event was complete. No one wanted to miss one of the careers of fixed pinion more important in the world. RooDol either. That is why it is in charge of the Warm Up Area.

The Organization relied on the rollers of RooDol for the heating zone. Up to 12 points were installed so that athletes could heat and ensure that the blood flow before the race.

The following quotation from the Rad Race Series 2016 will be in Heidbergring, on 13 August. Of course, RooDol, accompany you back to all the brave and will offer different heating zones with the rollers RooDol.

Rad Race 2016

Rad Race 2016