RooDol™ thinks green


We love the world we live. We like ride a bike and find gorgeous places, healthy forests, not polluted cities. We would also like to do bit more for our planet. Each one Individually, but also those who have more responsibility as governments or companies, so that we are convinced that if we do not act in a few years the Earth will no longer be as we know it.

This is reason why RooDol™ is compromised with the environment, not in a superficial way, not only as a slogan but as a responsibility with the environment. We firmly believe in the environmental care and this is the norm we are focused on: the evolution of our products and our company. We want to be an Ecological-minded technology company, we believe in the intelligence of nature. The material we use is 100% recyclable and reusable. This is the reason why our products are environmentally friendly, and by using them you are combating the effects of Climate changes.

Let’s enjoy the sport, lets respect the planet.