RooDol, present in the last races of Rad Race 2016, in Frankfurt

RooDol RAce Race principal

RooDol has already turned into an essential one of the WarmUp areas of Rad Race.


The rollers RooDol Track were already present in Köln and in Heidbergring, they couldn’t be missing, then, to the last two competitions: Rad Race Battle, celebrated in Hamburg on August 20 and Rad Race Bergfest, the fourth competition puntuable – and last – of this Rad Race 2016, celebrated give Frankfurt on August 28. The perfect colophon of a summer replete with pedals and sport.

In these four series puntuables, celebrated in four points different from Germany, the riders could have counted in fixedly and openly, so much in category man, woman and for teams.

The series 2016 came to his end in the city of Frankfurt where RooDol was put at disposal, in the areas of warming and preparation, of more than 500 cyclists.

And not only we could see RooDol in the WarmUp. As sponsor, many winners were lucky to take a pack RooDol Track to house like award.

The careers puntuables from Rad Race have come to his end, but RooDol will be still present there where there should be a sports event dedicated to the world of the bicycles.


RooDol RadRAce Frankfurt