Measure your effort with eRooDol™


Rhythm is a vital component to success. Knowing the right pace is essential to get maximum performance. Knowing your marks and your times helps you learn from your body and establish an optimal strategy , either for a competition or for a way out between colleagues where you want to give your best.

What would be sport and cycling without the stopwatch? The victories in this sport are of few seconds, that is why it is so important to get a correct rhythm.
In 1789, during the French Revolution, the enlightened French people were already aware of the importance of measurement, which is why they created a new unique and rational system. And so, the meter and kilometer appeared.
Now, RooDol ™ gathers the wisdom of those times and brings the innovation of our days to create the perfect complement to help you measure your brands in a very easy way: the eRooDol ™.
It is the electronic roller that measures the speed and the cadence of pedaling without having to add any additional sensors to our bicycle. It is compatible with the current RooDol ™ system, it is only necessary to replace any of the rollers with an eRooDol ™ roller and start rolling. No batteries, no batteries, no cables and no maintenance.
In a very simple way, you will have registered all your times. It is only necessary to start pedaling. When the wheel starts rotating, eRooDol will record the speed and cadence that is done at that moment. Data will be transmitted wirelessly using the Bluetooth Low Energy standard to any Smart Phone or Tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Also thanks to the CSI Interface “Cycling Strokes Interface” you can perform actions in the application without loosening the hands of the handlebar.

And if you want to have it all registered and in graphical format once you finish the training, get yourself with the free RooDol™ Track application, available for Android and iOS. You can train by monitoring the speed, cadence, distance traveled and heart rate. With all this information, you can create the best strategy for your careers.

eRooDol™ will be available starting in December. Can you think of a better Christmas gift?