SpinCrit: train playing with the new RooDol application


Already of children they teach us that the important thing in the sport is to spend it well.

RooDol is sure that the game is an ally to train and to excel itself. If we add to that the even better company of friends or relatives. That’s why, once again, Roodol has been creating further away an APP multiuser, the SpinCrit. The application is compatible with SmartPhones or Tablets with operating system Android 5.0 or Superior.

To be able to play in group with your system RooDol Track or Compact, you will only need to install the application in your Smartphone or Tablet and have of eRooDol, the new electronic roller with sensor of speed and cadenza integrated Bluetooth.

You alone have to worry of pedalling since the connection takes place instantaneously, without need for configurations, and thanks to CSI “Cycling Strokes Interface” it is possible to control the application across speed changes of pedaleo, so that you don’t have to release the hands of the handlebar. Initially, once rolling, SpinCrit recognizes the different active eRooDol and assigns automatically one of 4 positions. Quite thought-out so that all your attention is destined for the sport.

To improve the experience, it is recommended to connect the Smartphone or Tablet to a projector or TV set.

He trains or competes with your friends or partners of exits, to see who has more resistance and who has the most powerful legs.

Prepared? 3, 2, 1…: begin the game!


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