Benefits of RooDol, according to Jaume Mas


In 2013 it is when RooDol started our career in the world of cycling, and it is in that same year when Jaume Mas, thanks to a friend who discovered internet browsing our tricilíndrico system. Immediately he was very interested in knowing, and once saw was RooDol began a relationship that still exists today.

We know that when choosing a training system for bicycle start all doubts it worth fanciest money? What is better, magnetic, fluid, direct transmission of balance? What makes less noise? What is more realistic?

New trends increasingly demand optimization of space and dynamism allow us not set in a particular place. Therefore, the main innovation lies in the RooDol, a patented system that achieves a weight and hitherto unthinkable dimensions, facilitating transport and storage, as well as having the best stability and rolling bench.

Jaume Mas is important because this market revolution “depending on the climate of the area in which you live roller can become an indispensable element if you want to have a good preparation.”

Alternatives to an outlet with rain can be:

  • Not train.
  • Go to a gym to “spinning”.
  • Using a training system at home.

In case your area highly rainy or your schedule will not permit, the fact of having a RooDol can assume very quickly amortize their value, when compared to monthly payments of tuition and a gym.

Jaume Mas clarifies that “The problem is that despite the variety of products on the market, users can access products, weighing it very difficult to transport and storage volume limits. But RooDol gives us all these handicaps. ”

Thanks to its low weight of only 4.5 kg, and its shape combined with the RooDol Bag folding do that transport is the most comfortable.

Jaume But the goal of resistance training for the cyclist is to increase their cycling performance. resistance training should be considered as an accessory to cycling; a means to a greater end.


Without any doubt, the experience is a plus … even two or three …

Therefore we asked Jaume Mas, his opinion about the type of training that must be performed the day before the race.

“Many years of cycling training have given me a perspective and a knowledge that when he was young did not. One such knowledge has helped me a lot.

If you travel the day before and you will not be able to leave, when to eat or even go half-hour snack roll with at least 4 sets of 10 seconds. When you get to the hotel again to another 30 minutes before going to sleep with 4 other sets of 10 seconds. you will facilitate the circulation and will lower the swelling that travel cause leg. ”

We can conclude that Jaume Mas RooDol training system is providing him amateurs and high competition athletes the training, warming and download to your day.