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  • RooDol_Redes-Sociales_27-Soyez-prêt-avant-la-course

    The MTB season starts. We are ready!

    One more year starts the best MTB. The good weather and spring come, but to the addicts what really...

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    Measure your effort with eRooDol™

    Rhythm is a vital component to success. Knowing the right pace is essential to get maximum performance. Knowing your...

  • spincrit415x415

    SpinCrit: train playing with the new RooDol application

    Already of children they teach us that the important thing in the sport is to spend it well. RooDol...

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    Benefits of RooDol, according to Jaume Mas

    In 2013 it is when RooDol started our career in the world of cycling, and it is in that...

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    Carlos Coloma, bronze in Rio

    The broker riojano obtains the bronze in the test of cycling of mountain. His form good condition allowed him...

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    RooDol® Barcelona

    Our company grew out of the concerns of two brothers who had always enjoyed the sport. An illusion they...