• RooDol_Redes-Sociales_36-Power

    What is the power you need to train?

    RooDol™ has developed two types of rollers, RooDol™ Compact and RooDol™ Track, to fit the requirements of each rider....

  • appRooDolTRK-1

    Measure your effort with eRooDol™

    Rhythm is a vital component to success. Knowing the right pace is essential to get maximum performance. Knowing your...

  • blog_rdlMat

    RooDol Mat : Entrena como un profesional

    RooDol® no deja de pensar en sus clientes. Equiparles con lo mejor es su filosofía, por eso en este...

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    SpinCrit: train playing with the new RooDol application

    Already of children they teach us that the important thing in the sport is to spend it well. RooDol...