Give sports, give RooDol™


Your partner, your daughter, your friend or your father are riders, love cycling and you do not know what to give them this Christmas? We can help you! To give a training system is the best option to let train at home the person you love most with no bad weather , or cold, doing specific training and taking the system wherever you go. This system is called RooDol™ and it is very easy to assemble and also it occupies little space and is so light that it can be transported in a backpack. Once you have decided, there is another question is: which RooDol™ it is the best to gift? We can help you!

Let’s start with RooDol Compact. Choose this option if the person you are going to make the gift trains for mountain bike and road. The roller is the thinner, the diameter is 63 mm and lighter, because it weighs 4.5 kg. It is highly recommended if what you need is resistance. The RooDol Track, however, is ideal if you need inertia, stability, balance and less resistance. How can we get this? With a greater diameter in the roller, because it has 90 mm of diameter and 6 kg of weight. Although it is valid for the four modalities – Fixie, track, Mountain Bike and race, it is especially good for the track because the larger diameter of the TRACK rollers generates higher inertia and lower resistance.

If the biker you love so much already has a RooDol™… then we recommend you to the RooDol™ Mat. This elegant mat is the perfect complement to create a unique setting for workouts. In addition to offering stability, if we want to train on delicate surfaces such as parquet, and protect it from the shoe coves or sweat, the best way is to extend the RooDol™ Mat. And it allows you stretching or warm-up exercises also.
Choose the perfect gift for your favorite biker with RooDol™, it makes it easy!