Bikes are for summer!


The image of Apolline training next to the pool has make us think about the summer, and the holidays. RooDol™ supports the high level riders, going with them to their competitions. We also think of cycling fans, who combine their work with their favorite sport, so that RooDol™ is designed for anyone who wants to train without moving. Our today post is dedicated to those people who want to enjoy cycling in leisure time, not only competitive point of view. Let’s incorporate cycling into our holidays, why not?

There are two ways to do this:
1. Let ‘s take Roodol with the rest of the luggage to be able to ride wherever we go.
2. Let’s make the bicycle the protagonist of our holiday. There are many cycle routes through Europe, which will allow us to know the cities where we stay in a healthy way being in contact with nature.

More than 20,000 kilometers of tracks, lanes and bicycle paths cross 42 countries in Europe, including Spain, along 15 long-distance cycle routes. A network called EuroVelo that for the year 2020 aims to have 70,000 km. There are routes for all tastes, which of course can be done by stretches and taking into account the difficulties that we want to assume. From the longest, with 10,400 km that runs between Norway to Turkey, to ‘The Pilgrims’ route, which departs from Norway to reach Santiago de Compostela, Spain. In addition, many of them are so easy so can be done with children and share the experience with the family.
Summer is also a good time to enjoy cycling!

In this web you will find more information of the routes Euro Velo.
And if you cannot travel, RooDol™ and Air conditioned at home!