Women’s cycling in full swing


Female cycling is booming. Although riders still do not have the same visibility as they, little by little and struggling a lot, they are making a dent in this sport, both in the rankings and in the media.
They and they share teams, competitions, starting positions and the same training requirements. For this reason, professionals like Aida Nuño, Sandra Santanyes, Anna Villar, Sandra Jordà or Mayalen Noriega do not hesitate to raise their bike to the RooDol™ system before each competition.

The races demand to be prepared to go out to pedal in the best conditions. That’s why it is customary to see these champions warm up with their RooDol™.
As in the test that has been held this Easter in Ibiza, the XVII edition of the Vuelta a Ibiza in Mountain Bike MMR. With more than 1,000 entries, the test is characterized by the incredible roads and landscapes that are contemplated in the three stages.
In the women’s podium, we could not miss some of our favorite cyclists, who also rely on RooDol ™ for the preparation of their competitions.
Aida Nuño and Mercè Pacios of the MMR Team took first place in the women’s category in pairs . The second place, and winners of the last stage, was for the girls of the Olympia Racing Team Sandra Santanyes and Mayalen Noriega.

Aida preparing for the race

Villar and Jordà, meanwhile, also triumphed a week earlier in the TwoNav Empordà BTT Extrem.
With over 400 entries in the competition, we want to highlight the role played by two of the professionals who rely on RooDol™. Anna Villar, Team Biking Point and Sandra Jordà, Orbea Sport Club.
Villar finished first in the overall ranking after showing his absolute dominance winning the three stages. Jordà, 24 minutes behind Villar, took second place in the overall ranking . Ada Xinxó, from Trideporte Tracks Ibiza, completed the women’s podium.

Our riders are unstoppable and RooDol™ is betting on them .