Which professionals use RooDol™?


Professionals who are in the elite of cycling need to train and warm up in the best conditions before each competition. What seems like something obvious, warm up, can be crucial to winning a career that sometimes resolves itself in seconds. Doing a good warm up and preparing the body is imperative to go out and compete giving 100% and with maximum confidence.

And we do not say it, we show the best riders in the world of cycling, whether in the category of mountain bike or road. Carlos Coloma, David Valero, Sandra Santanyes, Pablo Rodríguez, Sheyla Gutiérrez, Raiza Goulão and Tiago Ferreira are some of the professionals who compete at the highest level, always accompanied by their RooDol® system. For your warmup and also for the periods between career and career. Because it is easy to carry and easy to assemble, it is installed anywhere, at home or at the hotel. Wherever you are.
If the best rely on RooDol®, will not you trust?

Sheyla Gutiérrez, Cylance Pro Cycling
3rd Spanish Championship on Route 2016, 2nd Spanish Time Trial Championship

David Valero, MMR Factory Racing Team
Olympic bronze on mountain bike in Rio 2016. Champion of Spain on mountain bike in 2016.

Pablo Rodriguez, MMR Factory Racing Team
Champion of Spain U23, U23 European Champion

Sandra Santanyes, Olympia Factory Cycling
MTB Challenge Series 2017, six national titles in Elite category of XCM, 1st Andalusian Bike Race 2014

Raiza Goulão, Primaflor-Mondraker-Rotor
Brazilian champion and 20th in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Tiago Ferreira, Team Protek
World Champion XCM, 2nd European Champion, National Champion XCM in Portugal